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How much is delivery?

  • NSW $20

  • QLD $30

  • VIC $30

  • SA Metro (Adelaide 40km radius or closest depot) $30

  • SA Regional $50

  • WA Metro (Perth 40km radius or closest depot) $40

  • WA Regional (the option to post to the closest depot) - Please email me for a custom quote

Full details on the Shipping page.

What colours can I select?
Most common colours are blue, black, white,  grey, stained walnut finish.
You can select these from the drop down menu for the additional charge of $80.

Do you do custom orders & custom colours?
Yes, simply contact me via the Contact Form to request a quote.

Custom colours range from 2-3 choices from any colour you like

What are the dimensions in millimeters (WxDxH)?
4 board - 820x450x1400
6 board - 1070x450x1400
8 board -  1270x450x1400
10 board – 1600x450x1400

4 board - 1070x850x1200

6 board – 1070x850x1600
8 board – 1070x850x1750

4 board 1070x450x1600

6 board – 1410x450x1600
8 board – 1770x450x1600

4 board – 300x450x750
6 board – 300x450x1000

8 board - 300x450x1200

10 board - 300x450x1400

Can you ship Australia wide?
Yes. Please see Shipping.
For International shipping contact me via the Contact Form to request a quote.

International shipping?

Whats the biggest rack you can do?
boardRAX can be custom made up to 30 boards. Contact me via the Contact Form to request a quote.

Will mini mals and mals fit in a surf rax?
Its not advised, you should select a LongboardRAX. Or I can custom make one to suit your needs

Can I upgrade the boardRAX to carry extra boards?
Yes there is now the option to replace the center pieces to accommodate your quiver. Contact me via the Contact Form to request a quote.

Will any boards fit on the horizontal SUPRAX? 
Yes the SUPRAX is designed for all water sports from sup, surf wake and snow. SUPS, Surfboards, Windsurfers, Snowboards & kayaks will all fit.

How many boards fit on a horizontal SUPRAX?
The standard 6 supRAX holds 6 sups/longboards it can also carry as many as 12 shortboards. The 8 supRAX holds 8 sups/longboards or 14 shortboards and minimals.

Whats the turn around on orders?
Depending on the season it’s approximately 1 weeks turnaround.

How easy is it to assemble?
boardRAX are shipped flat-packed. There are 5 pieces and 12 allen key screws. All components are numbered & it will take 5mins to assemble. 

Whats the difference between a standard boardRAX and the deluxe model boardRAX?
The deluxe model has a marine grade carpet base and extra back padding on the top piece, Its more designed to display your good collectable boards.
The standard model has two pieces that are separated to allow boards to drip off and dry off. With a memory foam base for protection.

Whats the weight of the boardRAX?
The standard weight is 10kg for the SurfRAX and 14kg for the SUPRAX.

Do you offer Gift Cards?
Yes we do, & we've made it really easy! GIFT CARDS
Choose your voucher amount & redeem on any of our racks. You can even email the Gift Card direct to the recipient from our Checkout page.
Purchasing this digital gift card creates a unique code. The gift card recipient can enter this code at checkout to subtract the gift card value from their order total.
This gift card is nonrefundable and has an expiry of 12 months from date of purchase.